The Morning Rain - Lyrics


If I had the courage
man, I would’ve stuck it in a little box a long time ago
if I wasn’t such a Basketball Jones
I might be going home back to a home instead of just a little house

if you have the courage or not
’cause we’re out getting on
to the same place in the end and there’s nothing no one can do about it
and if you could lend a hand
yeah I’d give you ten fingers and ten toes back if you had the courage to

oh baby you’ve had it coming for a long time now
you know they don’t come this white, not quite often
if I could put on your clothes, if I could walk in your shoes
you know I might just have the courage to

so take a number and get back in line
you’d think some people were raised outside of civilization!
and there’s a hundred and one ways to have a bad day
and there’s at least a hundred and one to have a damn good one too
well how about you? some say you’re screwed
well what are you gonna do?

man you’ve had the cunning for a long time and it’s time for me to have mine
the right move could be in any direction
and if you put on my shoes, and walk these streets like I do
you might be able to find some kind of courage, too
you might know what it feels like to get so discouraged here, too
(walk these streets like I do, put on these shoes)

don’t matter if you have the courage or not
’cause we’re all getting on to the same place in the end, and there’s nothing you can do about it

Don’t Think I Don’t Miss You

Heard you were gone
and that you’re gonna be
for a long, long time
it was you that told me
i don’t know where i’m going
but i hope you’ll be there

I know what i’m trying to say
i just can’t get it out
i hope you’ll think about it
it’s been too long
you might get it on
you might get left out
at least you’ll be moving on

Looking back at every chance you get
you don’t know how hard it’s gonna be
you don’t know what it’s like to be free
oh, but you’ll learn
i wish you knew which way to turn,
wish that you could come back
don’t think i don’t miss you
and when you’re gone i’ll be half of me

Well, it’s the end of the road for you and i see
and you’ve been making it on the hard way
but at least you’re getting it on

Don’t think I don’t know where you went wrong
don’t think I don’t want to change it
don’t think I don’t miss you
every minute you’re gone, I regret it

I know
You don’t go
You don’t go at all
But don’t think I don’t miss you

Good For Nothing

Oh I’m a fool for playin the fool.
But for the life of me
I never saw what you were goin through.
And I told you once I’m not a man of faith.
I need it all spelled out
or I’ll end up on the path we always take.

So you’re movin on … Now I can see
you’ve got more fire in your dancin eyes
than I got in the rest of me.
But there’s only so much change a man can take.
If I’d given all you wanted,
what would that say?

See, I can’t be helped.
I can’t be strong enough
when I don’t got you.
And you took the last of your stuff
and left me alone.
You know I’m good for nothing on my own.

We’ve got it nailed this painful scene.
I just listen through it all, I listen to you suffering.
And if my temper’s bad, well your timing is the worst
Have I got this right?
you’re done with me, in other words.

See, I can’t be helped.
I can’t be strong enough
when I don’t got you.
And you took the last of your stuff
and left me alone.
You know I’m good for nothing on my own.

Method Of Delivery

Waited for days, and days, waited so patiently in a haze
you said you’d be here, and you never came

Just have to sit here and stare
breathing the city air
didn’t get what I thought was coming today

~ Didn’t get my fix, whatever method of delivery, whatever chemical mix ~

Can’t get the signal right
even though it’s so plain to see
didn’t get the memo
must be the method of delivery

All I need is your delivery to me
I don’t care how it gets here, just get here quick
because the candle’s burning both ends
and there’s barely any wick

~ Didn’t get my fix, I didn’t, and now I feel so sick ~

Well that’s just fine by me
you’ll take my whole roof down and I’ll still be here singing
you just don’t know what it means

All I need is your delivery
All I need is what you bring

~ The air has been much clearer lately, since I let you be ~

guy, I don’t care
no method of delivery to get you here

Nights and Songs

Another full house
in the late summer light
through tall Grove windows.
We played all our songs that night

We healed the old wounds,
just took whiskey and time
and where’s the barkeep?
Your guess is as good as mine

Remember those nights and songs, the room in a spin
Everyone playin’ along, everyone’s in
I might give up
and you might go on
but we’ll stay ’till the sun’ll lead us home
I won’t let you go, I won’t let you go
I won’t let this all be over

with all the talk of
the girls I’ve outgrown
in that dusty old nightclub.
You let me go alone

The room spilled over
with good friends and smoke
and I was the front man.
You looked every time i spoke


Went by the old Grove, it’s been dark all day.
There’s boards in the windows,
it’s not coming back again

Nothing Up My Sleeve

I can’t seem to place
why you get so bent out of shape.
All the world should be
laid back and sensitive like me.

On a whim i change things
… it doesn’t mean I’m gonna leave.
I might be wild and carefree,
but I’ve got nothing up my sleeve.

It takes such little things
to keep the sunny smile on me.
Others would come through.
It’s like pulling water from a stone with you.

I might get a laugh,
and find it funny, more or less,
if it wasn’t such a waste
of a perfect form and frame
all the beauty I can’t name.

On a whim i change things
… it doesn’t mean I’m gonna leave.
I might be wild and carefree,
but I’ve got nothing up my sleeve.

We All Need Love

You should know by now
you should know where to go
how could you go so low?
how could you go there
all alone

I know the conversation is such a lonely hole
and you’re stuck at the bottom
well you’d better start climbing
you better go far from there

When the only thing that holds you is the sound of note
when the armored silence kills you and the carpet feels cold
you’ll know
you’ll understand we all need love

You should know what good knowing ain’t
baby, it’s the way I couldn’t get my mind off it
oh Lord
if I could’ve seen this coming I would’ve been miles away
if I could’ve felt your heartbeat thumping

When the only thing that controls you is your will to get it on
when you wake up and go home alone
maybe then, you’ll know we all need love

Whether or Not

Some people fight
enough to lose yourself
won’t you just try
and I don’t mind the time

Whether or not it tears you up
well of the weather tears the earth apart
the wind that blows you up
and the weight that holds you down

Wake up, break out
the switch is off, but a fire is burning
so get out, get up
signals crossing, out of touch
the water in your sunlight
shouldn’t mean that mud

Whether or not it tells them off
together the cost won’t be so much
and the wind the blows us down
will be the motor moving us

Whether or not,
we stop.

Won’t Be Long

Saying the wrong thing
has always been my thing.
8 months, I still ain’t got it right.
I wouldn’t say you’re cavin’
or blame you for leavin’.
Believe me, I go through this every night.

We’re two of a kind, but we’re no good together.
It won’t be long
’til you change your mind, and leave me forever.
It won’t be long.

It’s not your fault
that I’m so awful
at telling folks what’s on my mind.
I can’t unsay the things I’ve said
but I should add in my defense:
I might have just been loaded at the time.

It’s ok if you don’t want to commit to us.
I don’t mind if you just pencil me in.
I know that I ain’t never been good for much,
so it’s OK, just pencil me in …

Wrath of God

All night drinking like a poet on Saturday
Well, I could never sit still long enough to get my way
You’re on me from the springtime through the fall
you never let up, and oh I never did catch on

Who are you to say what’s right or wrong?
It’s for the Lord above to judge me
when I’m gone.
Oh, there’s only so much I can do.
I might avoid the wrath of God,
but I’m still stuck with you.

Better if you never did complain
There’s nothing like the whiskey, nothing like the morning rain
Praying for escape, it never comes
I’ll dry out here lying in the morning sun